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The Cselling Mansion, which lies at the foot of the Fülöp Mountain, is more than 100 years old. The classic architectural style of the Balaton Uplands, the antic furnitures and the family relics around the house make it easy to recall the good old days for those, who are in love with traditions. On the coast of Lake Balaton, far from the noise of the city, the Cselling Mansion welcomes everyone, who is looking for special experiences thanks to our culinary and winetasting events.

About Us

Our story

We have different backgrounds, but we agree, that the quality is very important in the catering industry. My brother, Máté, who will be your guide in the world of cocktails, gained experiences in the US and UK before he started to work in Budapest in a Michelin star restaurant as a bartender. My husband, Moreno improved his skills in the kitchens of several Michelin star restaurants in Italy, Brasil, Taiwan and Budapest. After I finished my 1 year long professional practice in Italy, I started to work in the most famous Italian restaurant of Budapest. I spent there 4 beautiful years until I decided to go ony my own way. So here we are right now. Our dreams are just a few steps away. We would like to create a place, where the work is our playground and we hope, it makes the Mansion to the favourite resting place of our guests. We invite you to enter our door and have some extraordinary experiences together.

Klára Tüdős

Manager of the Cselling Mansion


The warn hospitality we've got, and the quiet environment. Also very close to the beach, and excellent breakfast.


Nice and quiet.Very clean and comfortable.Nice people, very pleasant and friendly.Beatiful place of lake Balaton!


We were greeted with freshly baked apple cake and tea. The rooms were spacious and comfortable. The breakfast was bountiful. A treat for us all.


Fantastic fresh figues for breakfast! Beautiful old wooden furniture and great collections of porcelain


Great breakfast with organic homemade products, you wont get these at the supermarket. Very friendly host. Romantic peasant style building and furniture, but with all the modern amenities. Very clean and comfortrable room, great view.
Pearl at the foot of the mountain

Why would you choose the Balaton Uplands and Révfülöp?

Our parents were looking for the perfect weekend house for many years. I remember, how many places we visited. Mom and dad were watching the property ads for long hours and they didn't rest until they found the perfect place for our family. That's how they choosed this vineyard house, close to the Lake Balaton in Révfülöp. First, we only used it as a weekend house, but after a couple of years my parents decided to turn it into a guesthouse thanks to special atmosphere of the countryside. The place got its name (cselling) after a fern, which is the native plant of the nearby Szentgyörgy Mountain. It took only two years to buy the neighboring plot with the definite purpose of opening a real guesthouse. We renovated a more than a 100 years old rectory, where we were careful to preserve the specifics of the place together with the Ybl Prize winner architect, Tamás Zoltán Papp. It's a real specialty, that during the construction we used the original bricks and the original wood beams as well. When we removed the plaster, we found some read stone in the walls, which is not only typical for this region, but also a rarity. When we renovated the ceilings, we realized, that the builders used beautiful wood beams during the construction of the building, which originally functioned as a farm building. But there are some other relics around the house as well. We have a faience and a porcelain collection, which mostly came from family heritage, same as the furnitures. Most of these things are used to serve the comfort of our guests.

At this time we offer two 4 person apartments (50 m2 – 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom) and one 2 person apartment (35 m2 + 15 m2 terrace) to our guests. We tried to adapt the furnishing to the needs of the modern era, while we were insisiting to keep all of the characteristics of the rural mansions, which reflects to the mood of the Balaton Uplands.

In the future we would like to extend our guesthouse with a smaller wellness area, which means a sauna and wooden bathtub and we also plan to open a small restaurant with a rural atmosphere.

We're glad, that we started this adventure and also proud, that we dare to dream about a different kind of catering industry. We love all the corners of the house, we know the history of them, we see the handprints of the old masters and we're wondering how the time spared them. Maybe that's what our guests like: To see, how the time stops, when they arrive from the rush of the big cities and how liberating can be a cup of tea from an antic porcelain 200 meters away from the Lake Balaton, where the birds are chirping.

Personally, I adore this place, since it unites the old and modern times. We are grateful to our parents, because they taught us how to appreciate the old and valuable things and how to go with the modern time and last but not least how to be open for changes.