Suites with unique furnishing

The guests of the Cselling Mansion can choose from three different roomstyles to make their holiday even better.


Every corner of the suite, which has a 25 m2 and a 12 m2 room, reflects to the style of the young owners of the house. The custom painted furnitures fit to the leather sofas, while the wooden beams strenghten the vintage French style. These rooms are the perfect choice for families or groups of friends, because a hall belongs to the suite as well, where they can play card games or organize smaller gatherings. The stunning panorama and view of the Fülöp Mountain make the rooms even more attractive.

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The 35 m2 suite offers an intimate interior and an amazing view to its guest. The furnishing recalls all the sweet memories, what connect us to the past: beautiful furnitures, decorative luminaires and oil paintings on the walls. You couldn't even wish a more relaxed place for having a rest. Our guest can watch the sunset from the huge terrace, while they are drinking coffee and they can listen the sound of the cicadas in the evening. That's what we call the unmissable rural romance.

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In this suite, which has two separeted rooms (16 m2 and 15 m2), our guests can feel, if they were in a nice and small Italian villa. We combined the nostalgic atmosphere with the needs of the modern era to make this room even more comfortable for you. Every room have traditional furnishing and the suite also has a 10 m2 salon, where our guests can sip their tea and coffee from beautiful ceramics, while they are thinking about the past sitting in a rocking chair. And these rooms have one more big advantage: the stone walls keep the house cold even on the hottest days of the summer.

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